About Us

Unified Workplace

Locally based, globally experienced

Unified Workplace provides tenants and office occupiers with a complete package for whatever their relocation or refurbishment needs may be.

Unified is a business built on people and partners, the people we work with and those who work with us. Our people and partners are unified in our shared passion for delivering economical excellence.

We ensure that throughout the entire process all our clients receive combined vertical excellence, packaged to meet the demands of each fit-out project.

The seamless way in which we deliver and integrate these services has, as a result, meant that many of our customers return to us and why most of our business comes from direct recommendations.

Delivering Peace of Mind to Your Business

The fit-out process involves many moving parts that must operate both individually and collectively to ensure the seamless delivery of a fit-out project. Behind this process is several skilled and experienced individuals that manage the design, build, cost and project management processes.

Within each of the above verticals, there are a vast amount of packages. For example, Design, Spatial planning, 3D visualisation, CAD operation, along with the look and feel and material finishes – to name a few.

The Costing process ensures the supply chain and materials are of the highest quality and availability, whilst the Project Management pulls the entire process together diligently and professionally whilst ensuring cost and time agreements are met.

The Build element comprises of elements such as planning, carpets, partitions (glass and gypsum), labour, furniture, Information, technology and communication along with many others.

Did we mention local, regulatory and Government approvals – we take care of those too!

From start to finish, we take ownership of the project accelerating deliverables with best practice and experience. At every step we aim to give time back to busy business owners and office managers, enabling peace of mind with a supplier that can be trusted to do the job on-time as instructed, and who always picks up the phone happily providing support without fuss when needed.